Divorce Services

Parent Responsibility Evaluation (PRE)
Address cases, which involve overlapping areas of concern and/or significant high stakes disputes such as relocation. A comprehensive assessment in these situations involves an in depth study of parental capacity, risk assessment protocols and other intensive investigation. Allegations can involve entrenched conflict, sexual abuse, IPV, alienation or significant mental health or drug/alcohol concerns. Such evaluations take two to three months with a fee of $9,000 and up.


Parenting Coordinator
A parenting coordinator (PC) assists parents or guardians in managing, containing and reducing their conflict in a manner that primarily benefits children. The PC assists them in improving communications related to parenting time and decision-making issues. The PC is trained and experienced in working with divorcing and divorced parents.

Work Product Review (WPR)
Work Product Review (WPR) assesses the suitability of a Parental Responsibility Evaluation (PRE) or Child and Family Investigation (CFI). The sufficiency of the data collected, the structural features of the report and the inferences made from the data used to reach the conclusions and corresponding recommendations are critically reviewed for errors and/or omissions. A WPR should not be construed as a newly formed opinion concerning a family.